Best Buy Warranty Bust


Would you like to watch tomorrow's Razorback game on a brand new, 60 inch plasma flat-screen television?

So would Sharon Cox.

But her big TV is busted and her warranty isn't doing her any good.

Less than a month is how long Ms. Cox had her new television before she heard a popping noise from the next room.

"When I came back out there was about an inch long crack on the television screen and there was just a rainbow collage of colors over the entire screen," says Cox about the day her TV went haywire.

And since then the screen has gotten worse.

There are now two unexplained spider webs expanding across the right side of her 60 inch Samsung flat screen plasma television.

But when it happened Sharon wasn't worried because she had paid $130 extra for Best Buy's extended warranty.

"The exact words the employee used were you could push it off the shelf and pour a pitcher of water down the back of it and we would replace it or repair it free of charge," recalls Cox.

Cox says her television is larger than 42 inches so she is not supposed to transport it back to Best Buy. And she has been unable to get a Best Buy technician to travel to Searcy to look at her television.

So she is stuck.

We called the North Little Rock Best Buy store and talked to Danielle who refused to discuss or even take down information about Ms. Cox's complaint.

She gave us a corporate contact, but Dylan...a geek squad representative...told us they could only talk to the purchaser of the TV.

So we had Sharon call.

"They just told me flat out they wouldn't send a tech out and the Geek Squad informed me that there's a 99 percent chance that they won't send a squad out because the squad that they had has been discontinued," says Cox. "I've been calling. They don't even answer my calls anymore. Nothing."

We asked to see a copy of her warranty and Sharon said she never got one.

She says it was supposed to be emailed to her...but wasn't.

Air date: November 22nd, 2013