Beware Credit Repair


Back in September of 2008 our Seven-On-Your-Side office warned you about a credit repair offer.

Now... more than five years later... the two women behind that offer are facing federal charges.

We're not sure why it took so long to arrest Sherrye Mance and Tiffany Morris. They have alleged victims in Arkansas and five other states. But just because they are out of business doesn't mean people wanting to improve their credit are not at risk of getting ripped off.

The signs aren't hard to find...get your credit repaired...guaranteed.

With a 501 area code you assume it's a local offer. But we called...and an operator in Fort Worth answered.

She says a free consultation will reveal how easy it is to rid your credit report of 80 to 90 percent of the negative information.

"For a short period of time I believe they could," says Robert Fixott with Family Service Agency. " the long's gonna come back. If it is legitimate, it will come back."

Fixott is a certified consumer credit counselor. He says people are attracted to credit repair offers because they are hurting and want to heal fast.

Back in 2008 we met with people who paid about $250.00 each for a chance to clean up their credit quickly.

It didn't happen.

Last week the two women behind the offer, Sherrye Mance and Tiffany Morris, were indicted by federal prosecutors.

Fixott says there are no shortcuts to credit repair and hiring someone who offers a 100 percent guarantee is probably a mistake.

"They're not doing anything that you couldn't do yourself," says Fixott.

Fixott says Family Service Agency will help examine your credit for as little as $20.00.

As for Mance and Morris...their trial is set for February 24th.

Air date: January 22nd, 2014