Big-Hearted Happy-Ending

In mid-January when we visited a White Hall family, things looked pretty bleak.

The plan to hire a caregiver and house her in an extra room so that the ailing patriarch of the family could live out his days at home had gone awry.

We had a problem. We lacked a solution. Thankfully a good-hearted viewer saw our problem and has a solution.

When we showed you the extra room being built onto the back of Shirley Spears' home, her contractor had left things far from finished.

Spears told us she had paid all the money and got about half the job.

We tracked down her contractor, Gary Moffett, at his home in Brinkley the next day.

He told us he did half the job because he was paid half the money$7,500, not $15,000.

"Well he is a liar," says Spears. "He's a bald-faced liar. And I think he did this intentionally."

"They left her hanging," says Larry Ross with Ross Builders. "I don't wanna cut nobody down butwe fixed it. It took two-and-a-half, three days."

Ross was watching KATV the day we told you about Shirley's situation.

His electrician went to school with Shirley's daughter, so they drove to White Hall to visit Shirley.

"I come out here and looked at it and I told her, I said, wellit kind of got to my heart," says Ross. "So I justdonated my time."

"I think the Ross Builders are fantastic," says Spears. "They've come in and didn't charge me a dime and have finished up."

"I don't know why they couldn't have worked with her," speculates Ross regarding the Moffetts. 'They just took her money and run."

"Well I've got my faith back in human beings again," says Spears. "I think the Moffetts are just downright sorry and low down."

Larry Ross and his crew had to tear out and replace a wall, they re-did the windows and put paneling on the walls, finished out the bathroom and built a wheelchair ramp off the side of the addition.

And againall at no charge to Shirley and her family.

To keep yourself out of Shirley Spears' situation, Ross recommends you check a contractor's credentials (license, insurance, references) before hiring him. Also, get a receipt or signature each time you pay out a draw (especially when paying cash) so that later you can prove how much you paid.

Air date: February 11th, 2013