Big Job, Small Helper

CENTER HILL (KATV) - One silver lining following the Sunday destruction is that the weather has been cooperating for clean-up crews. Neighbors and volunteers have been out in force...including one pint-sized Good Samaritan In the hunt for post-tornado treasure, some of the discoveries are family portraits. And some of the discoverers are Caiden West. "How did you get your face scratched up?" "I was over...and I didn't see this piece of wood...and I tripped over it," says Caiden. "It's tough walking out here, isn't it?" (Caiden nods yes) Caiden could have been in his public school classroom on Tuesday. Instead he insisted on teaching us all a lesson in public service. Parts of Center Hill in White County are unrecognizable. Numerous homes were destroyed. But Caiden doesn't live in Center Hill. His home is fine. He's not out hunting this rough terrain for his own stuff. He's laboring for others. And he's learning that many finds...aren't worth finding (Caiden discards some junk he picks up). "Tell me some of the stuff you have found." "forks," says Caiden. "Toys. And other stuff." (Walking with bag, picks up ornament) "Oh, a Christmas tree ornament, good." In the short time we were with Caiden, he found a knife. A remote control. A toy truck. Someone's medicine. A battery. And the big find...another framed family photo. While the adults rested, Caiden searched on. Like Santa in reverse...filling his sack rather than emptying it...eager to deliver the contents to rightful and grateful owners. And making his momma proud. "Everyone...try to help your neighbor," says Rebecca West. "Do what you can because...this is awful. If a six year-old can help, anyone can help. The smallest thing helps." So do the smallest helpers. The Center Hill store is collecting donations for affected residents. And Zaxby's and Chick-fil-A are donating food there over the next several days. Air date: April 30th, 2014