Bill would create a tax holiday for emergency supplies

It wasn't long ago that you'd find empty shelves where generators and other emergency supplies used to sit at the Home Depot. The Christmas storm in Arkansas created a typical run on the store. This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Arkansas. Folks are encouraged to prepare in advance for those weather emergencies, but Representative Andrea Lea knows many don't heed the advice. Lea went to school for emergency management and after seeing disasters firsthand, decided the best way to get folks to prepare may be with a tax incentive."I realized that people need to be prepared in their own homes, and that's what we need to do. We need to be prepared ourselves, and so I thought, how can I encourage people to be prepared themselves?" said Lea.Lea filed a bill that would create a yearly tax holiday for emergency supplies. Someone buying a thousand dollar generator, for example, would save $60 in state sales tax. Lea says some lawmakers may be concerned about the loss of tax revenue. The fiscal impact study for this bill hasn't come back yet, but she believes the state could save money in the end."In my opinion, it ends up saving because the state comes in and does emergency disaster, so if everyone is prepared in their home, that's one home they can keep moving on," said Lea.