Black History Month Celebration Stirring Up Controversy

Some students at Ouachita Baptist University outraged at an email invitation to a "Soul Food Buffet" celebrating Black History Month. OBU's food services contractor sent the email to the student body, faculty, and staff Tuesday afternoon. Students were quoted saying the photo of fried chicken and menu items listed in the invitation was a "blatant disregard for others." Janelle Lilley has the story tonight at 5 & 6.{} {}Here is an apology issued:{}

Earlier today, Sodexo management emailed an invitation to a special meal in the OBU Commons that is intended to honor and celebrate Black History Month. This special event was started 3-4 years ago at the request of a group of Ouachita students. Sodexo has continued the event annually.{}

It has come to my attention that some were offended by the message that was distributed promoting the meal. Though there was no intention to offend anyone through the email message, or the event itself, I understand that both may have been received as insensitive. On behalf of Ouachita and Sodexo, I apologize. The event has been cancelled.


Brett Powell