Board selects downtown Little Rock for technology park

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board voted Wednesday to select downtown Little Rock as the location for a technology park.

The other two locations, a site by UALR and Sears on University Ave. were two other sites that were being considered. The board was asked to rank each of the three sites from one to three. Four of the board members ranked downtown Little Rock as their number one choice. Three board members selected Sears as their number one choice.

"My number one choice is downtown, and I just feel like after visiting St. Louis and reading a number of articles and listening to everybody that you have to have a vibrant area," said Tom Butler, a board member.

The site by UALR could have forced the removal of some homes on property owned by UALR. Some members of the board voiced issues with the property's proximity since both UAMS and UALR are involved in the technology park.

"I ranked the UALR number two primarily because you don't want one institution to feel like it's theirs," board chair Dr. Mary Good said.