Boats Gone. Will Seller Vanish Too?

He has left a trail of unhappy boat owners in his wake.

And now those same people...who are without any boats and without any money from the sale of their boats...fear Gary Eubanks is about to vanish.

We found his last known address and found in the driveway two pickups that others believe belong to Gary Eubanks.

But did we see him or get to question him?


Before we went up to Greers Ferry looking for Gary Eubanks we wanted to know what he looks like.

So the Cleburne County Sheriffs Department sent us a picture of him.

It seems Eubanks got in some trouble a couple years ago...charged with taking and selling a boat without the owner's permission or even knowledge.

Eubanks got out of that trouble when prosecutors dropped the charge.

We found the offices that Eubanks was recently kicked out of inside a Greers Ferry boat dealership.

For the past two years Eubanks has been trusted to sell people's boats for them...keeping a commission on each sale.

But lately Eubanks is suspected of keeping not only his cut...but all the money.

We think Eubanks is still in the area. In fact we think he is still living inside this Greers Ferry home, although no one answered the door.

Several who know him tell us the two pickups in the driveway belong to Eubanks.

We left a note but no one has called. And no one answers the phone when we call.

The Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against Eubanks in January, hoping to let the rest of the state know what many in the Greers Ferry area have already figured out.

"The information that we've gotten so far is that his practices are well known among the community that he is operating in," says Sarah Tacker, Senior Assistant Attorney General.

And just today the Attorney General's office was contacted by yet another boat owner who claims Gary

Eubanks sold their boat within the past two months and did not pay them a dime following the sale.

Air date: August 9th, 2013