Bomb Sniffing Dog makes a hit on package at Airport

Update: The Bill and Hilary Clinton National Airport has been re-opened. Both an ATF and a TSA dog keyed in on a piece of luggage. Following an x-ray, the bomb squad determined no explosive device was inside, however, because the dogs continued to hit on the scent, the TSA and FBI did take samples from the luggage to determine to what it may have been exposed.

Airlines are working with passengers delayed by the hour-and-a-half closure to get them to their destinations.

(KATV) Little Rock - A spokesperson with the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport says a bomb sniffing dog has alerted security to a package near a baggage area.

The Little Rock Fire Department's bomb squad will put the package through an x-ray machine to examine it. It could be gun powder residue, but airport security is taking all precautions.

The airport is open, but the baggage carousels in the area have been closed.

Some dogs are trained for drugs but these are specifically ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms) trained.

Channel Seven's Janelle Lilley is on the scene and will have details on Live at 5 & 6.