"Brawl" at high school basketball game prompts security changes

FAULKNER COUNTY (KATV) - Security changes are on the way for one high school after what authorities called a "brawl" at a basketball game.
It happened Friday at Guy-Perkins High School in a boys basketball game against South Side Bee Branch.
School officials and authorities interviewed witnesses, including students and staff, Monday.
Guy police are also reviewing video of the incident, but are not yet releasing the video due to the ongoing investigation.
"At our school and other schools, they should be able to come out have an interscholastic activity and not worry about things like this happening," said Guy Interim Superintendent Brian Cossey, who was there when the altercation broke out.
He said it happened right after the Guy-Perkins team made the winning shot with four seconds left in the game.
Cossey said it specifically involved adults standing at the end of the court.
According to a Faulkner County Sheriff's Office incident report, the scene resembled a "large brawl" and involved "at least 25 men physically engaged in an aggressive manner."
There could be charges, according to Guy Police Chief Dave Martini.
"I've never heard of this happening around here before," Martini said. "Usually the children might get in a little scuffle here and there but I've never had problems with adults, ever."
Employees from both schools were involved, according to the report, but Cossey disagrees, saying there were no employees from Guy-Perkins involved.
The report later states two South Side school employees were removed from the building.
South Side Bee Branch did not respond
Cossey said there will be security changes which go into effect immediately.
Spectators will no longer be allowed to stand at the end of the court and the school will be requesting additional security at future games, according to Cossey.