Crews battle fire at historic Hot Springs Majestic Hotel

Multiple fire crews worked into the night to contain a large fire at the historic Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs.{}

The fire started at the vacant hotel just before 6:00 p.m. Thursday.{}

At least three fire departments were on the scene.{}

Flames engulfed the top floor of the hotel and spread quickly.

The fire was contained to the fifth floor of the hotel at one point, according to Fire Chief Ed Davis, but then spread to other floors.

Police confirmed no one was in the building.{}

Firefighters had orders to not enter the building due to its condition.{}

A fire department dispatcher said the cause of the fire was not known.{} {} {} {} {} {}The hotel was built in 1882 and was closed in 2006 after operating for 124 years and was recently boarded up after city officials determined that it was uninhabitable.

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