Breast cancer survivor: Laughter is the best medicine

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This week, Channel 7 is featuring breast cancer survivors and women fighting the battle now.

Michelle Nabholz of Conway is proving staying positive is the key.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and is determined to win the fight.

Pink and sequins lead the way when Michelle Nabholz steps into UAMS' cancer center.

Known for her flashy style and constant smile, Nabholz and her pink boots are kickin' breast cancer.

"I was scared," Nabholz said. "It's not good to hear you have the Big C."

"She has never accepted really to be defeated by the cancer and you could see that from the first day," said Dr. Issam Makhoul, one of her oncology doctors. "She came to me and she said, 'I'm going to beat it.'"

Makhoul said studies have shown a correlation between staying positive and good treatment outcomes.

"This positive attitude is extremely important and if I want to pick one person who would be the incarnation of that, it would be Michelle," Makhoul said.

Her diagnosis in March hasn't stopped Nabholz from living, and living big.

With support from her family and friends the Toad Suck Queens, she has been through eight chemo treatments and will have surgery in three weeks.

"It won't be long and I'll have my surgery and it'll be behind me," Nabholz said. "I hope that I will be available in the future to help other women that are going through what I have."

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