Bride-to-be saves boy from drowning

Matt Werner & Becki Salmon (photo by Ken Beerger Photography)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - A young couple soon to be married was taking engagement photos when the bride-to-be turned into a hero.

Becki Salmon and her fiance Matt Werner were posing on the banks of a river near Philadelphia when a little boy playing in the background wandered too far into a creek that was deeper than usual because of recent rains.

The bride-to-be -- a trained lifeguard and paramedic -- swung into action.

"They're obviously struggling to get back to the surface," said Salmon. "His head went back, he was bobbing up and down. I knew that he was going under."

Photographer Ken Beerger kept snapping pictures throughout the ordeal. Watch the attached video to see what he captured. Click here if you don't see the video above.