Bronze sculptures stolen from LR Riverfront Park Sculpture Garden

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Around $30,000 worth of sculptures are stolen from the Little Rock Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden at Riverfront Park and police still do not know who's responsible.

The Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department believes they were taken last Thursday overnight.

The brazen thief or thieves sawed the sculptures right off their base. This isn't the first time sculptures from this same garden have been stolen.

The Sizzling Sisters, First Glance, and Conversation with Myself were all three donated to the city by the Sculpture at the River Market.

"Even though the city is blessed by means of getting them donated, they are not free pieces, because the sculpture committee paid for these pieces," said Little Rock Parks and Recreation Director Truman Tolefree.

"For them to be taken like this by means of theft and in the way that it was done, it's very sad."

Just about a year and a half ago, two other sculptures were stolen from the same garden. One was recovered and another had to be replaced. To make sure this doesn't happen again they're increasing security.

"We thought we had pretty good security already here in the park, the park is under 24/7 security from security cameras, and also it's lit fairly well," said Tolefree.

"We will be installing additional cameras as well as additional lighting."

There is one police camera at the garden that's supposed to monitor the park. Channel 7 requested the surveillance video from Little Rock Police, but they couldn't fulfill that request today.

In the mean time, if you have any information that can help police, call (501) 371-4605.