Bruce Pennington could face more charges

(KATV)-Former Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington could face more criminal charges according to a legislative audit report that reveals possible mishandling of his Sheriff's campaign account. Charges filed Friday did not include campaign finance violations. A legislative audit report shows Pennington charged $1,170 dollars on the county credit card and then reimbursed the county that same amount from his campaign account. Last year, Channel 7 News reporter Pennington used checks from his campaign account to pay for stays in a hotel and several restaurant tabs, but Pennington said it was his own money."At the end of my campaign, it's always been depleted. That's the way it has been. So I began putting my personal money into that account and by virtue of stupidity I guess, I didn't see where there was a problem because I wasn't loaning my campaign anything. I was just using that campaign account for my personal use you know, not know there was a problem with that," Pennington said in August of 2013. The special prosecutor who filed Pennington's charges on Friday, said the investigation is a multiple agency investigation that is still ongoing. "I think anyone who has read through the legislative audit and frankly anybody who has watched Jason Pederson's interview with former Sheriff Pennington can see there are some outstanding issues related to campaign finance," said Cody Hiland, Faulkner County Prosecutor, "I think in the coming weeks, you're going to see additional charges brought and other issues addressed."Pennington is set to appear in court June 9th.