Bruce Pennington never dropped out of Saline County Sheriff's race

Benton (KATV)-Former Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington announced he was dropping out of the race for sheriff last month, but never filed his departure from the race with the county. Pennington is still on the ballot and votes for him will still be counted as a regular candidate, according to Saline County Clerk Doug Curtis."He did not file the paper work saying he withdrew from the race. That had to be written out and signed by him and notarized and brought to our office," Curtis said. Because Pennington is still in the race, he must file a financial disclosure statement from the campaign, even if that balance is zero dollars. Not filing a campaign financial disclosure statement could be a violation of campaign ethics rules. "As of today he has not and he is a candidate so he is required to," Curtis said. Many of the Saline County Sheriff candidates said they were concerned Pennington is still on the ballot because that could take away crucial votes from them."I believe Bruce Pennington has a following and I believe he'll get quite a few votes," said Tim Dudderar. "I think it'll hurt me and the other candidates because a lot people still like Bruce even though what he's done," said E.J. Harris.