Bryant apartment moratorium lifted after more than two years

BRYANT (KATV) - City council members voted unanimously Thursday to lift the apartment moratorium that has been in place for more than two years.

It has always been a hot button issue but the council decided Thursday to allow apartments in the city. Mayor Jill Dabbs says there will be strict regulations that future developers will have to follow.

"The new regulation requires that only a five acre area be used," said Dabbs. "So you are not going to have that urban sprawl of apartments any longer in the city of Bryant. So that's going to be good and there's a ratio control. We can only have so many single family homes to multifamily homes."

The city council also addressed a long-standing issue regarding fire fighters and police pay.

"Now with this new pay scale they's going to be an incentive to help supervisors make more of what a supervisor should make and the new officers, you know, of course they'll work their way up to that pay scale," said Sgt. Todd Crowson, spokesperson for Bryant Police.