Bryant City Council places police chief on unpaid leave

BRYANT (KATV) - The Bryant City Council placed their police chief on administrative leave after he made questionable charges during a work trip.

City leaders discussed Chief Kizer's charges to a steakhouse and strip club Thursday night at a council meeting.

"Leave them alone those guys were down there working," said Ava Roberson, a Bryant resident.

It seems to be sentiment that some Bryant residents feel when it comes to Chief Kizer and the controversy surrounding his visit to Rachel's Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse in Orlando this summer.

"We've taken one choice, that may not have been the best choice, and we have ruined somebody's name," said Erica Horne, also a resident.

Horne says city officials are on a witch hunt and are making something out of nothing.

"Somebody spent a lot of time digging through receipts and looking up addresses to try to connect the dots to try to accuse somebody of something," said Horne at the meeting. "And I think that if somebody has that much time, we need to be giving them something else to do."

And although much of the room clapped after Horne's speech, it was obvious with Thursday's disciplinary action that the city council didn't think they were blowing things out of proportion. Chief Kizer has been put on unpaid leave.

"He made a poor judgement and it will be treated as an isolated incident," said Mayor Jill Dabbs. "And if it happens again then it will be treated as another isolated incident."

Horne said it's a high price to pay for a chief who's done so much good in Bryant.

"All that he's worked for and all that time that he's put in could be tarnished by one's interpretation of where of where he sat in a restaurant," she said.

Chief Kizer was placed on five days unpaid leave beginning Monday.

BRYANT (KATV) - The Bryant City Council Thursday plans to bring up some questionable charges made by the police chief during a work trip to Orlando.

What was supposed to be a simple week-long trip for Chief Mark Kizer and five school resource officers back in July has since turned into the center of controversy because of a stop they made while they were there: Rachel's Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse.

The per diem limit for the tip was set at $56/day for each officer. Only one officer, Lee Ledbetter, went over that, averaging around $67/day. The average for all of the officers was still around $50/day so the city considers there to not have been a violation.

The question in this matter is the fact that some of that money was spent at a steakhouse that is part of the same business as a strip club. The city council is expected to discuss at their meeting Thursday night whether that meal was a violation of policy by not representing the city well.

KATV's Jeannette Reyes is at that meeting. She will have the city's decision tonight on Nightside.