Bryant father found not guilty of murdering infant daughter speaks out

BRYANT (KATV) -{}Days after being found not guilty for the murder of his four-month old daughter, a Bryant father talks only to Channel 7 about the verdict and why it's difficult to move on.

It's been nearly two years{}since 4-month-old Presley Hunt was found unresponsive and now a jury has found 25-year-old Devin Hunt not guilty of shaking her to death. It marked the end of a difficult chapter in Hunt's life. But he says he now faces a reality that isn't much easier.

"It was hectic once we were trying to wake her up. It was just chaos," said Hunt.

On June 20th 2012, Devin Hunt was watching his daughter Presley Hunt and his 22-month-old son. He says he put her down for a quick nap lasted nearly five hours.

"She'd slept that long before," he said.

His wife,{}Ashley Hunt, called and asked him to check on her.

"She was limp, unresponsive," said Hunt.

Baby Presley was quickly taken to a local hospital and doctors concluded she had head injuries so severe that even if she survived she would have no quality of life. Perhaps more devastating though, they said it was "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and fingers were being pointed at Hunt.

"For them to think that I did something. That just. That crushed me," said Hunt.

Friday, after fifty minutes of deliberating, a jury found him not guilty of capital murder, sparing him of an automatic life sentence. Still questions remain about what happened to baby Presley.

"Something happened between it and the older child and caused an injury to the head," said Hunt's attorney, Bill James.

But a now divorced Hunt says the verdict will never change what some strongly believe.

"The only thing I can tell people is that I didn't hurt my daughter," said Hunt. "Everyday that's a pain that'll never go away. I'll feel that for the rest of my life."

We reached out to the prosecuting attorney in this case,{}Ken Cassidy,{}and we did not receive a call back.