Bryant Looks to Plan a City Center

(KATV)-If you ask a resident the location of downtown Bryant, many would not likely know the answer. The community is looking to change that through a $250,000 dollar grant from Metroplan Jump Start. The area that will be developed will be by Bryant High School in an area considered the old Bryant downtown.

"There's a lots of great neighborhoods that are back behind here. There's a good street grid already in place, connectivity. It lends itself to infield development. And coming back and recreating the downtown that a lot of people from around here remember. This part of town was built around the railroad," said Mayor Jill Dabbs.

The grant will be paid to The Gateway planning team from Dallas, who will create a downtown plan for Bryant using input from the community at a meeting on Monday. The drawings will be presented on Wednesday.

"It will be interesting to see the planners, what vision they give us. So that's what it's for, is to create a comprehensive vision for this downtown historical Bryant district. To see if we can attract developers, or planners or investors to come in and invest in this area," Dabbs said.

Support for the development came from surrounding churches, local businesses and the chamber of commerce.