Bryant mayor announces financial director has resigned

BRYANT (KATV) -- The City of Bryant has 15 days to form abudget for 2014, but it will have to come without the city's financialdirector.

Bryant's Mayor Jill Dabbs announced Mondaythat the city's financial director, Dennis Edwards, has surprisingly resigned

"During Mr. Edwards'first three weeks on the job, some members of the council continued to issue abarrage of Freedom Of Information Act requests on his department," Dabbs saidwhile issuing a statement at Bryant City Hall.

"Hindering thedepartment's ability to function and he pleaded with them to cease anddesist."

Mayor Dabbs believespressure from city council was the reason for Edwards vacating his position,but the lone council member who learned of the announcement last minute saiddifferent.

"I believe that Mr.Edwards was frustrated with the hand he was dealt," said councilman Randy Cox. "Ithink he was uncovering things he wasn't comfortable with, and that's why hedeparted."

Cox told Channel Seventhat the next finance director will be the city's fifth in just three years. OnFriday, Cox sent out an email asking for a special called meeting to addresssome financial woes.

"I receivedinformation that a Certificate of Deposit had been cashed in on the city for $1million and there was no notification, or comments or communication with thecity council so I had concerns about that," he added.

Both Mayor Dabbs and CouncilmanCox echoed that they want Edwards to come back as the city's financial director,because he's made progress unlike others that filled the position in the pastfew years.