Bryant Public Schools superintendent on paid leave until further notice

BRYANT (KATV) - District administrators are keeping tight lipped following a letter sent to teachers and faculty at Bryant Public Schools on Tuesday. {}The letter mentioned Superintendent Mr. Randy Rutherford is on paid leave for at least the next 30 days, but mentioned nothing about why he is on leave.

This is the letter dispersed on Tuesday:

"Mr. Randy Rutherford will be on paid leave for at least the next 30 days. {}The Bryant Board of Education is actively developing a plan to ensure interim leadership at the superintendent level. {}The Board has the utmost confidence in the ability of the current administration to handle any questions or decisions that may arise until an interim leader is designated.

The board will keep administration and staff posted as updates become available."

A press release to the media included the additional information as well: "Rhonda Sanders, School Board President, said, "As with all personnel matters, further information is confidential."

According to Bryant School Board minutes from January, Rutherford's contract was renewed on January 27 with a board vote of 6-1. {}Back in February, Rutherford was named by the Bryant Chamber of Commerce as "Man of the Year."{}

Bryant Schools named an interim superintendent on Tuesday night. {}Dr. Fred Dawson, former Bauxite superintendent, accepted the position at a meeting with the school board. {}He reports to work on Wednesday.