Bryant Scales Back Plans for New Fire Stations

The City of Bryant is scaling back its plans for two new fire stations, but officials say they don't see it as a set-back but as fiscal responsibility.{}{}Last November voters approved a $4.4 million bond measure to construct two new fire stations.

The tax itself was already in place, but the vote enabled to city to start making plans.{} The facilities that need to be replaced have mobile houses on the property where the firefighters stay.{} Those buildings are more than a decade old and were intended to only be temporary, which is why the city began the tax.{} but new revenue information shows that the city overestimated how much money the tax would bring in, and that $4.4 million is now too expensive.{} As a result, the city is now scaling back its plans for the fire stations, but not scrapping them.{} both the mayor and the fire chief say the stations are absolutely necessary and the projects will continue, but they want to be fiscally responsible.

"We're still going to be able to do them. We're just having to go back to the drawing board and have the architects draw more conservative plans to house the firefighters and the apparatus and equipment, so we're looking forward to seeing those plans in the near future." said Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs.

There's no timeline yet for the projects, but the change in plans is not going to create a delay.