Bryant school officials still tightlipped over suspension of superintendent

BRYANT (KATV) - Still no answers surrounding the unexpected suspension of Bryant school district superintendent Randy Rutherford. Board members were in executive session for over an hour discussing personnel matters Thursday night.

There were expectations Thursday night that the district would finally answer some very reasonable questions.

What did Randy Rutherford do or not do that forced the board to place him on administrative leave? And just as important, what's his fate? Will he be allowed to return to his job? Well,{}Thursday it was business as usual. There's an interim superintendent, Fred Dawson. If you don't live in the district or haven't been watching the news, you would{}have had{}no idea anything was going on.

That executive session did not include any discussions pertaining to Rutherford. One parent{}told Channel 7 she understands that the district is has to keep personnel private but wants to know why a seemingly great superintendent may lose his job.

Devin Sherrill, spokesperson for the Bryant School District said that legally the school is not allowed to speak on personnel{}matters.



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