Bryant takes initiative to 'Go Green'

BRYANT (Saline Courier) - The city of Bryant is putting into place new technology that will allow the government to "Go Green."

During the past two years, each department has been charged with finding ways to make its operations more efficient and cost-effective. One item in particular that crossed all departments was printing costs and the subsequent expense of storage of paper documents.

City Clerk Heather Kizer saw firsthand the commitment to space that storage of city ordinances, meeting minutes, city contracts, agreements and resolutions required.

"When I moved into my office, there were boxes all over the place." said Kizer. "I was overwhelmed by the amount of printed paper. We started looking for ways to be more efficient. The Mayor and I had already decided that some of our common goals were to improve the quality of life in Bryant, make local government more transparent, and to start a Healthy Bryant initiative which included everything from walking trails to a good recycling program....[E]fficiency, transparency, and the quality of life for all citizens in Bryant [go] hand-in-hand with going green and eliminating waste and redundancy."

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