Bryant teacher bonds out of jail, charged with sexual assault

Picture by KATV

BRYANT (KATV) - A Bryant High School teacher is accused of abusing the trust between teacher and student, it is a story Channel Seven first brought you Tuesday.

31-year old Courtney Speer quit her job and turned herself in Wednesday morning, accused of having sex with a former student. Speer resigned from Bryant School District Monday.

She has been charged with sexual assault. The victim is 17, but police are not ruling out that there could be other victims.

Two days after resigning from the Bryant School District, Courtney Speer turned herself in at the Saline County. She was accompanied by her attorney and family members.

But rewind a few months.

The new state of the art Bryant High School opened its doors for students in August. It's a place where parents trust their kids are learning and being supervised by the staff.

Sgt. Todd Crowson with the Bryant Police Department says, "They expect their kids to be safe while they're there and not have relationships with teachers."

Monday, Bryant investigators were notified by a school resource officer that a teacher may have taken her relationship with her former student outside the classroom.

Sgt. Crowson says the 17 year old victim is Speer's former 9th grade English student. "At this time it looks like it was purely sexual," he explains.

The teen stated the sexual relationship started during the summer break in June. They allegedly had intercourse four times in her car in the school parking lot in Bryant and at least twice at her Benton home.

Wednesday, Speer was charged with sexual assault but she did not change into an orange jumpsuit. She posted a percentage of the 20-thousand dollar bond and rushed out of the facility.

Speer is married and has two kids. Her next court date is in November. Speer has a total of six sexual assault counts two are out of Benton because that is where she lives and allegedly had sexual relations with the minor.

Even though police don't believe the 17-year old victim was forced against his will, it is a crime, (a class A felony) it carries a sentence of 6 to 30-years if convicted.

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