Bryant woman survives Philippines Typhoon

(KATV) A Bryant woman originally from the Philippines was visiting her family for a reunion when the devastating typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines.

"Our roof of the house was already gone and ceiling was going back and forth and they were just scared it would fall down on us. So they told us, don't get out no matter what happens and the next thing we know, the water was rising, you know where we were sitting at on the floor. So we were screaming, the water is rising, what is going on. We were just scared we were going to drown," Connie Paulhamus said.

Her two children and husband saw the news from Bryant, but did not hear from her for four days.

"It's definitely hard to see that knowing you still haven't heard anything. I don't know if she's alive or not. Definitely one of the worst experiences I've had to go through," Desiree Paulhamus, her daughter said.

The town of Lawaan, where Paulhamus was staying was completely destroyed.

"My main concern was you know, that I know my family will see it in the news and they will be thinking like, am I safe, where I'm at. And my main concern: I want to get out from my hometown and get some kind of communication," Paulhamus said.

The nearest town was five hours away and Paulhamus had to wait for days before she could make the journey on the debris covered roads to get a telephone signal. She said the call to her husband letting him know she was fine was an unexplainable feeling.

"It was amazing. The greatest feeling that I have experienced in my whole life, to hear my husbands voice, to tell him that I love him and my daughter and son and that I miss them so much," Paulhamus said.

Paulhamus flew back to Arkansas this weekend, but left behind her town which is in destroyed and in need of food. Disaster relief such as the Red Cross had not yet reached her town.

"It's life changing. And I think God has a purpose for me to be back home with my family and testify this and witness this and I'm asking for help, to help my hometown people," Paulhamus said.

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