BREAKING: Man charged with killing Jacksonville police officer sentenced to 70 years

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Bryce Allen{}received the{}maximum sentence on all charges Thursday afternoon. He received{}thirty years for 2nd degree murder and 20 years each on both counts of attempted murder.

In 2012 Bryce Allen{}drove{}his car into a Jacksonville police officer and two Jacksonville firefighters, killing one of them, Donnie Jones.

The prosecution called witnesses{}Wednesday and also showed the dash camera video of a Jacksonville police officer, which showed a vehicle, alleged to be Allen's car, barreling into the three men in 2012 at highway 161. Officers at the scene said Allen's mother was in a car accident and hit a gas line, that's when they reported Allen became angry with the road block and drove into the officers. Two of the men survived and testified in court Tuesday.

Allen has also been charged in Ohio for driving a car into an officer outside of a hospital in Columbus. The officer, who did not sustain life threatening injuries, testified in court against Allen.