Burglars bust through roof to steal liquor, booze, cash

Suspect #2

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - Burglars generally break in through a window or bust down the front door, but Pine Bluff Police are looking for two men who broke into a liquor store "James Bond" style - they broke in through the roof.

A hole in the ceiling of the storage room is still there nearly a week after two men busted through the roof of the Brown Bag Liquor store in W. Sixth Avenue.{} Lucky for the burglars there were no cameras to catch them breaking in, but there were several surveillance cameras catching their every move while looting the store.

"They stole a bunch of stuff, bunch of liquor, bunch of cigarettes, damaged a lot of stuff," said Jay Singh, store manager.

They made off with thousands worth of top shelf liquor, Newport-brand cigarettes and the cash they stole from the register.{} The two burglars even attempted to cut electricity to the store to disable the alarm and security cameras.{} But an alarm did go off as soon as the burglars stepped down into the storage room - they were back out through the roof within two minutes.

Singh isn't really all that surprised by the move, he said, "this happened before."

He believes the discolored shingles on the roof from the last roof top break-in may have tipped off the burglars as to where they should break in.{}

Now Singh wants to install motion sensors like the ones in his storage room, but install them on the outside back wall of his store to ward off would-be burglars.{} He said he has to take as many precautions as he can.

"It's happened a couple of times," mentioned Singh.{} "If it happens more times then I can't have insurance for the store - no insurance is going to want to handle the store."

The two men actually ended up doing more damage to the building itself in comparison to the stuff they stole.{}

If you recognize either men in the surveillance footage you're urged to call the Pine Bluff Police Detective Division at (870) 730-2090.