Burglars steal evidence from police storage facility

(KATV) Pine Bluff - The building where gambling machines from a recent bust are being stored, has been broke into. Last week we told you about the investigation dubbed, "Lucky 7's". Pine Bluff deputies raided 13 locations, arrested 24 people and seized the machines.

Wednesday, August 21, 600 gambling machines were seized, but the person or people responsible for breaking into the storage facility left with items easier to carry.

With the help of more than a dozen law enforcement agencies, the three month undercover operation lead to arrest, gambling machines and about half a million dollars seized.

Twenty-four suspects now face felony charges and more arrested are expected. The machines and other electronics were taken to an undisclosed location. Not long after the evidence was stored and inventoried, someone broke in and took computers and televisions. Lt. David Price with the Pine Bluff Police Department says, "We don't even know the method the burglars used to enter the facility or transport items. We are trying to track down everything that is missing." He continues, "At this point it is preliminary and we are trying to confirm serial numbers and inventory at this time."

Investigators are looking over surveillance video and trying to figure out how the suspects got in. They also want to know if the burglars got lucky with the location they chose to break into or if they got a tip on where the evidence is being held.

Lt. Price adds, "The case has been assigned to one of our detectives. Hopefully we will have some type of video or information from the public, someone to help us solve this case."

Police are still going over the inventory to get details on what all was taken and the value.