Bus Driver Kicks Children Off Bus During "Melt Down"

MORRILTON (KATV)-A bus driver for the South Conway County School District is in jail charged with endangering the welfare of a minor after kicking children off of a bus.

Conway County Sheriff's Department said 34 year-old Joshua Walls pulled over on the side of HWY 9 and Pinter Lane in Morrilton. He then allegedly kicked half the students off the bus and got onto the cell phone.

"You know melt down, whatever, don't know what was going on with him, that's the reason he kicked the children off the bus. You know, whatever it was and for whatever reason it was, he wanted them off the bus," said Mike Smith, Conway County Sheriff.

The Conway County Sheriff's Office said there 25 kids on the bus, with ages ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. The children kicked off the bus were young.

Superintendent of the South Conway County School District, Shawn Halbrook, told Channel 7 News that there will be a new driver placed on that route until further investigation.

"So in situations like this there's some trust issues that erode. I'm a parent of kids in school. I totally understand and we're gonna triple our efforts to earn that trust back," Halbrook said.

Police say there is surveillance video that will be reviewed.