Businesses migrating to Main Street

Little Rock (KATV)-Little Rock's historic Main Street is filled with empty buildings, moving sales and places going out of business. But many developers say there could be a resurgence for the area in the near future.

Pictures from 1910 show the historic Main Street vibrant and thriving, a scene many businesses hope returns. One institutional clothing store, Mr. Cool, is closing at the end of this month after 37 years. Bennett's military store is closing their doors on Main Street, but will reopen in another location.

In those stores place will be Cranford, Johnson, Robinson, Woods. The advertising, marketing and strategic communication firm hopes their move will the gateway to the city's creative corridor. CJRW plans to be moved onto Main Street by 2015.

"The more we talked about being a part of the downtown development and what's going on down there with the creative corridor, I mean it was almost unanimous that our staff wanted to go to main street," said Wayne Woods, CEO of CJRW.

It's more than just CJRW willing to commit to Main Street. Just days ago, the historic Boyle building was purchased and will become a hotel. Developers say restaurants are interested in moving to the street. The newly reinstalled Bruno's Little Italy is already thriving.

"I heard it's like $60 million under contract right now on main street. And you know a healthy Main Street makes a healthy city," said Doug Meyer of Terraforma Real estate development.

Meyer has several developments and businesses moving onto Main Street and says the revitalization will be a big asset to the city.

"With all the momentum on Main Street right now this thing is snow balling. It's wonderful," Meyer said.