Buy American Act Would Require Arkansas Buildings to Use American Steel and Iron

An Arkansas senator wants all public buildings to use only materials made in America. The "Buy American Act" was filed by Sen. Larry Teague. If passed, all public buildings, highways, and utility systems built in the state of Arkansas would be required to use American steel and iron."I like the concept of buying American products. Buy American. Support companies that support America," said Sen. Teague.Teague says he's received a lot of support for the bill, but some have expressed concern that buying American would cost more in a time when municipalities and state departments are pinching pennies. The Highway Department already operates under many of the same rules for federal projects. This bill would simply extend it to projects that are state funded. No agency has come out in opposition just yet, but the American General Contractors Association is weighing its options. Contractors will be responsible for finding and using American products for their bids, and some worry American made will just mean extra cost. However, Teague believes, the cost is worth it."I think there's value in spending more dollars because those dollars would go around in our economy versus going to China," said Teague.