Cabot Cow Kill

It was the end of the line for one bovine in Lonoke County yesterday.

And it was a violent end at thatkilled by two Cabot police officers as nearby school kids watched.

There are no doubt a few people who are going to have a beef with how this was handled, but when Cabot police couldn't corral an aggressive cow they chose to put her down.

Wednesday afternoon a truck pulling a trailer stopped at the intersection of Highways 5 and 89.

The cow inside that trailer decided to make a break for it.

Udder chaos ensued as the cow ran across busy highways and past homes, businesses and a cemetery before her pursuers steered her into an elementary school playground.

Despite the best heiferts of all involved, two Cabot policemen shot and killed the cow.

"It was horrible," recalls 14 year-old Michaela Johnson of Cabot. "And they didn't even put it out of its misery when it fell on the ground or anything. They just let it sit there and bleed out all over the elementary school yard."

"Our officers said it charged one of our officers," says Sgt. Keith Graham with the Cabot police department. "I don't knowI haven't seen any video or anything like that. I don't have any video of it so I don't know how it charged him but he felt he was in danger and maybe other folks could have been in danger."

"They could have tranquilized it," says Stephanie Watts of Cabot. "They could have tried to wrangle it into one of the two trailers that they had parked over there. I think there could have been a lot of other options besides killing it."

Our cameras arrived in Cabot just as the cow had been loaded on a trailer and started moooving awayleaving behind the officers, the cow's owner and a few traumatized kids.

"There was still elementary students over there getting in their cars," recalls Johnson.

"They saw the whole thing?"

"Yes," says Johnson. "And some of them left crying. Because they were so scared."

Police say the cow's owner, Jim Roberson, gave the order to shoot.

They say he was concerned she cud get back into the nearby busy street.

Air date: February 28th, 2013