Cabot homeowners get 30 more days to try and fight proposed subdivision

CABOT (KATV) - Folks in one Cabot neighborhood are upset about a proposed subdivision that could be going in right off of their subdivision. The possible development will only go up though if the lot it has been proposed on is rezoned.

A Cabot planning commission meeting on Tuesday night tabled the rezoning of the property for another 30 days, giving the homeowners more time to gather their facts as to why they don't want the development being built next to their development.

Glenwood Estates is comprised of 43 homes on 25 acres of land, but a small six acre plot of a dead-end of the Glenwood development is up for sale and being considered for a rezone.

Currently the six-acre property is zoned as R-1 - residential property, which allows anything to be built there but requires at least 100 feet in between each home. The rezone would make it into a PUD (planned unit development), which would allow for homes to be only 10 feet from each other.

Rezoning of the six-acre piece of property would allow for it to become a gated community filled with 42 "garden-style" homes. Homeowner Billy McCarroll has a problem with that many homes going in behind his neighborhood on such a small plot of land.

"A major concern for us is the safety of our children," said McCarroll. "The roads in our subdivision - there's one way in and one way out, so all that traffic is going to be confined to one area."

McCarroll believes with a new development possibly doubling the population of their neighborhood, he's concerned that traffic will double too.

Neighbors also believe property values would drop on their homes, citing that the proposed new homes would be almost half the cost of some of their dwellings. Sam Ross and his wife Jean have lived in their Glenwood Estates home for 21 years and said three homes would be right up against their property. They said if the rezone gets approved, they'll be moving.

"They're going to build anywhere from 1350-1800 square feet and they're all back up to all of the neighbors down here," said Sam Ross.

Ross and McCarroll circulated a petition in the neighborhood against the proposed development and got 42 of the 43 homeowners in the subdivision to sign it. Most of those people showed up for the planning commission meeting Tuesday night to express their frustrations.

Ron Craig, chairman of the Cabot Planning Commission, said he favors the idea of a property being rezoned from R-1 to PUD because PUD's have strict guidelines that cannot be broken once the proposed development has been reviewed.

"What is approved is what will be built there," said Craig. "If you go with zoning [R-1] you possibly could have just about anything being built there."

Craig said neighbor concerns aren't falling on deaf ears but said, "if [proposed development] meets all the requirements of a PUD then we will of course approve."

The planning commission will meet again on November 4th to rehear the case of rezoning the property located off of Woodhaven Drive.