Cabot neighborhood's fight pushes on to block a new subdivision

CABOT (KATV) - A turf war continues to brew as neighbors in the Glenwood Estates subdivision fight to prevent another planned community from invading theirs. Residents get their second chance on Tuesday to prove their grievances to Cabot's Planning Commission, but not everyone's convinced things will go their way.

Homeowners get to meet with the planning commission again after an uncivil discourse broke out at the last meeting. It allegedly ended with the planning commission chairman insulting several Glenwood residents.

Sam Ross talked to Channel 7 when the first meeting happened, complaining the proposed homes would come right up to his property line. He says he knew about a possible addition to the subdivision but he says the original extension would have mirrored what his subdivision already looked like - not the gated community with 42 "garden-style" homes that are planned for there instead.

"I think it's a done deal," lamented Ross.

Although the deal is not done yet, Ross after 21 years in his home is following through on his word and put his house on the market.

"We moved out here, planned on retiring and staying here until the end of it," said Ross. "But evidently they're going to move forty-something houses back there, little garden homes they call it and I just don't feel like we want to look at them for the rest of our lives."

Others in the neighborhood have followed suit, putting their homes up for sale too. But Tuesday they get to argue their points once again to the planning commission. This time now former commission chairman, Ron Craig, won't be there. He was let go by Cabot's mayor after the alleged fiasco that ensued at the previous meeting.

Forty-two of 43 households in Glenwood Estates signed a petition last month against rezoning the land in their subdivision for a gated-community, but Ross is afraid those signatures might not be enough to sway the board.

"We just don't know what's going to happen until Tuesday night - at the planning commission," said Ross.

The interim planning commission chair is James Reed, who Ross hopes will be more willing to listen to him and his neighbors.

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