Cabot residents forced to move after city condemns apartment complex

CABOT (KATV) - Residents in Cabot are outraged after being forced to move out of their homes.

The city condemned the apartment complex earlier this week after finding numerous hazardous violations. But residents aren't mad at the city.

Orange signs are plastered on each and every unit here at Alpine Village Apartments deeming them unlivable.{}

Residents had until the 6 p.m. to finish moving for the day.

According to residents, the place was swarming with police officers and firefighters on Wednesday. They entered each apartment and inspected them. The fire chief said he found violations in every single unit here. There are 30 units total.{}It left{}him no choice but to ask these people to leave for their own safety.

"It is surprising to me it was that bad," said Fire Chief Phil Robinson.{}"The apartment complex was an unsafe environment for the tenants that were living there. Mostly due to electrical problems. There were indications that some wiring had already burned in some locations. Back in October we had a fire that was a result of an electrical problem,"

On Friday residents were given seven{}days to move out with no overnight stays. But since it is low income housing many of these residents are left with no where to go. One is even living in a tent until he finds a place to live.

Residents say they understand the city's concerns and what the law requires them to do but they're not going easy on the owner of the complex. The city said there was a history of violations at the complex and the owner received several citations.