California Scheming

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Returned checks and bounced checks aren't nearly the problem they used to be.But most of us haven't thrown the checkbook away altogether...which means we could still be targeted by a scam. Carolyn Wilson of Little Rock says she doesn't write many checks anymore...just to pay a few bills she still puts in the mail. The Arkansas Better Business Bureau has an opinion about a letter Carolyn recently got in the opinion that may help keep you from getting hooked. When Wilson shops at Walmart, she uses a debit card...not a check.And she visits Walmart stores in central Arkansas...not California.That's why a letter from TRS Recovery Services saying she owes money on a returned check written to a California Walmart doesn't make sense to her."This company...TRS Recoveries...sent me this letter...saying I owed Walmart $450.00," explains Wilson.TRS Recovery Services is a real company...with a real bad rating from the Better Business Bureau: D-. The company is a collection agency that works for TeleCheck and it has amassed 230 consumer complaints in the last three years. "Check that company out," says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "Make sure it is you. Ask them to see the records."Rohrer says don't provide any personal information and certainly don't pay any supposed debt without doing a lot of your own investigating first. "I've tried calling them and all you get is a computer generated message," says Wilson. "You don't talk to people. So I'm still trying to get in touch with a person that I can talk to."Carolyn says the letter also used her maiden name and an address she hasn't called home since she lived with her parents. She hasn't paid but remains worried about what actions TRS Recovery Services could take against her credit rating. Air date: September 3rd, 2014