California woman delivers baby at Sam's Club

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It sounds like a story made for the movies. A California couple delivered their baby in a Sam's Club parking lot.

"I didn't believe her because the baby's due in, what, three weeks? Two-and-a-half weeks?" said Fritz Rosales.

His wife, Josephine, said her water broke around 11:00 Friday night. The couple hopped in the car to rush to the hospital but realized they were out of gas.

Once they got gas, they had another problem.

"There was probably a 90 car train and I looked at it. 'Okay, uh, how far apart your contractions are?'"said Rosales.

That's when they pulled over to the Sam's Club parking lot, and the about-to-be new dad delivered his son.

"I said, 'Honey, you gotta push hard.' and the baby slid out and landed on my forearm," he said.

Alexandre Miguel Rosales was born 6 pounds, a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

The baby is in the NICU for observation, but mother and baby are said to be doing fine.

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