Children with craniofacial anomalies get special day camp

Children affected by craniofacial abnormalities were treated to a day camp especially for them Saturday.

Camp Laughter gave children the opportunity to experience a number of outdoor activities, including fishing, swimming, archery and even a zip line.

Arkansas Children's Hospital and Camp Aldersgate collaborated on the project.

The hospital's craniofacial team's surgical director Dr. Barbera Honnebier said the psychological effect of looking different is a big burden for patients, which is why the camp is so important.

"For these kids so that they meet other children who are similarly effected so they won't feel isolated, they'll realize they're not the only person who looks that way," Dr. Honnebier said. "There's a tremendous value in bonding with someone who is going through the same thing you go through."

This is the first year for Camp Laughter but organizers hope to make it an annual event.