Campaign group after signatures to make three counties 'wet'

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Now that the primary election is over some campaigns have their eyes fixed on what's to come in November, especially on ballot measures. We've seen these spark up during major election years from time-to-time. Some ballot measures concerning alcohol sales going as far as re-writing history books by passing, with others falling short. A campaign known as "Our Community, Our Dollars," is targeting voters in Saline, Faulkner and Craighead counties. As part of the campaign to get the wet or dry vote on the ballot, workers in Saline County were out seeking petition signatures Wednesday. "We're really focused on getting it on the ballot right now. It could vote up, it could vote down, but Arkansas law is such that it is very difficult to get a measure like this on the ballot," said Marshall Ney, part of the legal counsel for "Our Community, Our Dollars." How difficult? Well the petition must include 38 percent of registered voters in each county. That's not 38 percent of the population, but actual residents on the books to vote. Ney knows many traditional groups like the Family Council stand firm against allowing dry counties to permit alcohol sales. He said its mission right now is to just give people the option. "We respect however people want to vote on this, whether it's for it or against it. We just think that there's enough support for it that people have the opportunity to vote," Ney continued. A couple of the counties being targeted in this campaign would break major tradition, they've been dry since the 1940s. The deadline to have the appropriate percent of signatures is July 7.