Candidate Intro: Gene Jeffress

He may be out-manned in overall donations against his opponent, but Democratic state Senator Gene Jeffress isn't letting that kill his spirit in a race to Capitol Hill.

Jeffress is vying for the 4th District Congressional seat in Arkansas against Republican Tom Cotton.

He's hoping to carry over momentum after a decade as an Arkansas state senator from the Natural State's capital, to the nation's capitol in a bid for the U.S. Congress.

For many days in his past Jeffress has walked up the stairs toward the room where he's sat for 10 years as an Arkansas senator; stairs he hopes to climb at the national level.

"They're mad at Democrats, they're mad at Republicans they're made at Congress," Jeffress said. "Why,because they've done nothing. They want people that will stand and talk to and look at each other forget that aisle between then. Let's get something done for the 4th District."

He knows as a Democrat in Arkansas he's facing somewhat of an uphill battle in this election. One area he wants to make a difference in is America being self-sufficient.

"We've got to make America work. I am proud to say I want to buy something that says 'Made in America.' What are we making today," Jeffress wondered.

"I want to see something that America is making. How do we get there? We educate our people. We've got to have an educated workforce."

Many of Jeffress' views resemble that of a conservative Democrat, which could be a reason he hasn't received a cent from the National Democratic Party.

When asked if he would he ever consider switching parties as we've seen several politicians do in southern states, he said "No, I'm a Democrat," with a smile.