Candidates making final push in state's top primary race

LITTLE ROCK (KATV ) -- In the final day of campaigning before Tuesday's May primary election candidates are making the final push. One race a lot of Arkansans will be focused on Tuesday is the Republican primary for governor. If this gives you any indication of how important candidates are taking this last effort to gain votes, gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman did a statewide tour Monday. His trips included Little rock, Springdale, Jonesboro, El Dorado and Texarkana. Coleman and opponent Asa Hutchinson know time's ticking for last minute votes. "I can't tell you that we're going to win, but I can sure tell you it dog gone feels like we're going to," Coleman said to a group of supports in Little Rock Monday. Coleman said during his year and a half campaigning for the position, he's known it would be an uphill battle. "We approached this as a grassroots campaign. We knew we weren't going to have the name I.D. We knew we weren't going to be able to raise the money because the lack of name I.D.," Coleman admitted Monday. As a former congressman Hutchinson has the upper hand in name recognition. We spoke Hutchinson shortly after casting his vote, and he's not taking anything for granted. "Well I think we have a lead going into it, but like I said leads diminish if you don't get your supporters out. We feel good about where we are. Obviously we're not taking anything for granted in terms of a victory," he said. Talk business' Roby Brock believes each candidate has their own appeal to certain conservative voters. "Curtis Coleman has run for office before in 2010, and did not have a good showing. He certainly appeals to the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party, but Asa Hutchinson has some support there, as well as the establishment Republicans." Channel Seven will be your election headquarters all day Tuesday covering each major race. Coverage starts bright and early on KATV Daybreak and runs into the final results on Channel Seven News Nightside. You can watch complete coverage streaming on our website starting at 7 pm, and on our sub-channel 7.2.