Car chase ends with two cop cars on fire

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A car chase that started in Grant County ends with three vehicles, including two police cars, on fire.

It happened shortly after 2pm{}Monday afternoon.

The Grant County Sheriff's{}Department said a deputy saw a man stopped on the side of the road off Stagecoach Road in the northern part of the county. He stopped to check on him to see if he was okay.

That's when the deputy said the man in the car tried to{}hit the deputy in his car, and then took off.

The chase continued into Redfield where police there assisted and Arkansas State Police also joined in the pursuit.

The suspect then hit spike strips and went through a fence behind the Alliance Parts{}Warehouse off Fiber Optic Drive.

State police said while away from the vehicle it's believed a catalytic converter on one of the vehicles ignited the dry grass causing a fire that quickly engulfed an Arkansas State Police patrol vehicle and a Redfield Police patrol vehicle.

The suspect Terry Cook, 43, was apprehended by law enforcement officers who had left their patrol cars near the suspect vehicle.

He{}has been charged with fleeing and multiple traffic and criminal charges.{} Meanwhile law enforcement officers in Redfield and Grant County are considering additional charges.

Surprisingly, no one was hurt in the chase and resulting fire.

Police are still investigating.