Careless Crop Duster

The wind was calm. The property lines were clear. In other wordsthere was no excuse for what happened.

Earlier this month a southern Pulaski county family says a crop duster dropped pesticide on their property.

Raymond and Brenda Deases say a crop duster pilot was probably careless, possibly malicious, but either waytheir property is suffering from chemical burn.

The leaves on the trees aren't fallingthey are crumbling.

Recently healthy pecans appear blackened and burned.

And potted plantswhich two weeks ago were loud and proudare now dried and fried.

It appears an early freeze or punishing drought has hit, but this damage wasn't done by Mother Nature.

It was done by a careless crop duster.

"He wasn't stopping his sprayer," recalls Raymond Deases. "He wasn't stopping his sprayer when he was supposed to. Right there where you just saw awhile agohe was just flying overstill spraying. And you can see all my trees are burned. I mean he don the whole nine yards on my property."

Investigators with the State Plant Board visited the property on Monday and believe it is a clear case of pesticide misapplication.

The field being sprayed has multiple owners so investigators are working to determine who is responsible.

The plane that did the spraying operates out of a nearby hangar but Deases isn't exactly sure who owns and flies the plane.

"I don't want to sue him," says Deases. "I could care less about his money. I want the right people to take care of it the right way, you know."

The investigation into this over spray case is just getting underway.

We'll let you know the plant board's findings once it is concluded.

Air date: Sept. 25th, 2012