Carrying mobile phones in front pocket could affect fertility in men

Where do you carry your mobile phone? Lots of men carry them in their front pocket. But, if you want to become a father someday, that may not be a good idea.

It's coming up in study after study. According to Men's Health, South African researchers found that men who carried mobile phones on their hip or in their front pants pocket had slower-swimming sperm, and less-concentrated sperm-both of which could cause fertility issues.

An Australian study showed fertility dropped by 30% in men who carried mobile phones close to their body, and particularly close to the lower part of their body.

The problem - what's called EMF radiation. It's emitted from the back of our cell phones and that radiation can cause sperm abnormalities.

And that radiation is being emitted in larger amounts in 2013, with smart phones transferring signal transmissions, bluetooth and wi-fi continually.

Researchers say the link here is still inconclusive. But it doesn't take much distance to lower your potential risk. Experts say just keeping your phone the length of a pencil away from your body can really decrease the radiation you absorb.