CAW responds to Exxon letter

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The Watershed Protection Manager for Central Arkansas Water says he is not deterred by a letter recently sent to the agency by Exxon Mobil. The letter made it clear that the company does plan to eventually restart the Pegasus pipeline.In addition to a request for Exxon to consider moving the pipeline, CAW has also asked Exxon for several documents that could help determine the safety of the watershed in the future.Specifically, CAW has requested the forensic report from the rupture, in-line inspections from 2013 and a pressure test of the pipeline from 2006. In response to that and other requests Exxon Mobil wrote, "While the investigation is on-going, it is PHMSA that defines the timing, type and amount of investigative information to share with appropriate stakeholders and the general public."However, other agencies and Congressional offices have received similar material, and CAW is questioning the discrepancy.{} {}"We're disappointed in the speed with which some of the dialogue is going, some of the information sharing is not occurring," said John Tynan of CAW.Tynan said CAW will continue to request the information. He said he has not given up hope of re-opening the dialogue with Exxon, and asking them to reconsider the request to move the pipeline away from the drinking water.

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