CeeLo Fiasco: Riverfest officials withholding pay for bad performance

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Entertainer and Riverfest performer, CeeLo Green is at the center of a potential controversy with Riverfest organizers. Officials with Arkansas's largest festival said the former "The Voice" judge shirked his contractual obligations when it comes to his Saturday night performance. It looks like the change in CeeLo's pocket will have to be enough, because Cheddy Wigginton, Riverfest board member said the board will not be paying the remainder of CeeLo's contract. Wigginton said it was with all good intentions when they chose CeeLo Green to headline Riverfest. "We booked CeeLo Green thinking we were going to have this great musical, great entertainer- got great charisma, great personality from what you see on television," said Wigginton. But several tweets about the entertainer's performance would leave people thinking otherwise about CeeLo. Radio DJ, Tre'Day from Power 92, tweeted, "Maybe it was just me, butt I thought CeeLo's show was awful." "We would never discuss contractual issues just because someone walked away and said, 'Well I didn't like it,'" commented Wigginton. The reason organizers decided to withhold the rest of CeeLo's pay is because he was contractually obligated to perform for at least 75 minutes - he's believed to have performed for a little more than half that time at about 40 minutes. "This is the first time in our entire history that we've ever had this issue," said Wigginton. Organizers won't comment on how much CeeLo's contract actually cost, but they did say they had to pay nearly half as a deposit. "The check has been cashed, if you will," remarked Wigginton. Wigginton said Riverfest won't be looking to recoup the deposit for the act. According to Wigginton, CeeLo's management is well aware of the situation. Due to the Memorial Day holiday his management was unavailable for comment. Riverfest officials expect to be on the phone with his management team on Tuesday.