Cell phone catches fire under teen's pillow

A safety warning about cell phones, which can sometimes heat up dangerously.A 13-year-old Dallas girl got an unexpected wake up call. Just a few hours after falling asleep with her smartphone under her pillow, it caught on fire."The part where the phone was, was burned. There's even a hole in my mattress. So everything was all like charred," Ariel Tollfree described.Tollfree said she was using a replacement lithium ion battery in her phone and suspects it overheated. She wasn't injured.At least one major manufacturer warns covering a device with bedding "poses a possible risk of fire or explosion."Lithium ion batteries, which are used in everything from cell phones to tablets, can overheat, getting up to 350 degrees. In some cases, they can even explode.Experts say to keep loose batteries away from extreme heat, liquids, and metal objects, and to try to not drop your device.
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