Cemetery Road has stories of tornado death and teens trapped underneath rubble

VILONIA (KATV) --{}Cemetery Road in Vilonia took on the tragic definition Sunday night when a married couple didn't make it out of the storm alive. Nothing is left of the homes on the road except piles of debris and homeowners sifting through any memories they can salvage. Moving rubble continues on all of the lots but one, where the tornado claimed the lives of Dennis and Glenna Lavergne.{} "Our son has been down there, their son has been at our house and it was just the hardest," said neighbor Melissa Bradley. "When their son called me to let me know, it was just the hardest conversation I've had." Bradley and her husband Greg live down the street from the Lavergne's, the tornado destroying the Bradley home as well. Although they weren't in town Saturday night, their 13-year-old daughter Elizabeth was. "About 7:45, I guess, I called to make sure they were getting in the storm cellar. She said 'No we're actually at the house, we come to get our pets,'" Greg Bradley said about talking to his daughter right before the tornado hit. "Essentially this is the general vicinity of where we were, but we've moved a lot of stuff. We had a lot of stuff on us," said Katie Holubar of Vilonia. Holubar was with Elizabeth Bradley at the spot she showed us, where a closet once stood. The flooring collapsed underneath them, while walls and piles of debris buried them underneath. "At that point I just felt like something was pushing me really hard going forward, and a bunch of stuff landing on top of me," Holubar continued. "I remember not being able to move very much because of all that stuff." They were able to successfully dig out of the rubble, but it was a 45 minute span on the drive back to Vilonia when Melissa Bradley feared the worst. "I was in a panic and I was just like 'Let's just get home.' I kept trying to call and of course the phones were down,' she said. Even in the midst of this tragedy, Arkansans are coming together. The Bradley's looked around at what once stood as their home with a smile, telling us they didn't even know half of the people there cleaning up.